Education: Overview


The APWA Alberta Chapter is a leader in providing public works practitioners with the training they need to succeed in both the public and private sector. The APWA is a firm believer that safety and community viability is enhanced when public works supervisors are equipped with the technical and practical knowledge to improve the communities they serve. The association works diligently in the development of qualified Public Works Supervisors and promotes education at all levels of professional experience and education. 

The cornerstone of the APWA Alberter Chaper education program is the Public Works Supervisor program. This program was developed for a professional who provides efficient and effective public works services by leading a specialized work force, which manages resources, programs, budgets, and contracts.

The Public Works Supervisor program was designed so that supervisors can gain the necessary skills, education, and experience to advance from basic public works supervision to a more advanced management capacity. By the time members reach their Level III status, they should have an in-depth understanding of - and demonstrable skill in - crisis management, planning, and regulations and safety.

Upcoming APWA Education Sessions

Public Works Supervisor Level Two - 30-31 January and 20-21 February 2019, Lethbridge

Public Works Supervisor Level One - March 5-8, 2019, St Albert 

Public Works Supervisor Level Two April 9–12, Red Deer County Office

Public Works Supervisor Level Three - Dates and Location TBC

Introduction to Public Works for the Public Works Administrator - Dates and Location TBC

Construction Inspection - Dates and Location TBC

Construction Management - Dates and Location TBC

Public Works Administrative Assistant Workshop - January 2020, Canmore -- Dates and Location TBC 


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